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Welcome to Layton Timber, suppliers of quality well-seasoned firewood (hardwood and softwood logs) in Watlington, Oxfordshire

Layton Timber has been established in Watlington, Oxfordshire since 1949. We have Sawmilling Facilities and Tree Surgeons. We can offer anything from Oak Beams, Flooring and Doors to Fence Posts, Firewood and Sawdust. We also offer Free Estimates & Further Information when calling this number 01491 613222.

Our firewood logs are locally sourced from the sustainable wood plantations in and around Watlington, Oxfordshire. We offer an environmentally friendly, virtually zero-carbon fuel source at affordable prices.

Our aim is to provide you with quality hardwood and softwood logs ready to burn in your open fire or stove. All of our firewood logs have been seasoned and stored in covered stillage’s to maximize the natural drying process. The benefit of having our well-seasoned logs is that we can guarantee you that they will burn brighter and warmer and with very minimal waste.

We supply only well-seasoned hardwood and softwood logs to ensure optimum quality and a superior burning log. We are now selling cheap coal, please ring for additional information and price.

Our firewood is supplied in 1 Tonne no-mess bags. These special bags ensure the logs are kept at optimum conditions. There is no need to return the bags as we will come and collect when you have finished with them or upon ordering another bag we will deliver your next order and collect the bag from last time. There is no extra fee for the collection of previous bags.

Layton Timber, suppliers of firewood, Watlington, Oxfordshire.